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Wendy Hannah resides in East Auckland and has been painting for 15 years. A late starter as an artist never stopped her. Starting at community art courses she developed quickly and within 18 months had her first solo exhibition. She was accepted to Elam School of Fine Arts NZ, six months later. Elam started her love of experimenting with the science of paint. Her first Elam work never dried, and in the winter weeps as it absorbs moisture. To this day it hangs in her studio, as a testament to the craft of alchemy. Her recent paintings are more sculptural, playing with colourways. Wendy’s influence is ecological and political themes. She thinks art has the ability to make change as it is a gentle way to communicate from a basic level of understanding. She is interested in community and the humanistic approach to life. Her works hang in residential and commercial spaces throughout NZ and Internationally.

Wendy Hannah is working on a new series of X artworks “Treasure Map” She uses X as a signature to authenticate the idea that the “Thoughts and Actions of Women are a Commodity to be Treasured”. As in a treasure map, X marks the spot. She is pictured here with a very large blank canvas X which will be the first of the series. “Treasure Map” smaller works measure 600mm x 1200mm x 80mm. Colour is the vehicle she uses as an emotive language. She is very interested in the alchemy of paint which is reflected in the heightened intensity in her work. Lastly, the slick liquid glass overlays contribute to the reflective value much like a magnifying glass.


Wendy Hannah
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