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Sarah Walker-Holt

Sarah Walker-Holt is a visual artist and contemporary jeweller that has been testing the tactile qualities of wearable objects through wood and mechanisms.

“From questioning the value bestowed in the materiality of everyday, minimal and functional wooden objects, made from precious and non-precious timbers, I alter them into something complex and decorative for the body. Deconstruction, construction and engineering shape my approach. I am intrigued by how things work, questioning how I can make them work for me within jewellery and concurrently accessible to others.”

Sarah was part of Handshake 3 which was the third iteration of 12 energetic and creative jewellery artists from NZ that were selected for exciting challenges with national and international exhibitions. Sarah completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Auckland University’s MSVA in 2010.


Sarah Walker-Holt
E: swalkerholt@gmail.com