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Ruth Hammond

Ruth Hammond is a local creative, with expertise in both writing and craft. Ruth’s personal experience with spirituality has informed an intuitive style of writing. Her books ‘Soft whispers… small shouts…. deep waters’ and ‘Being with God’ encourage readers to explore their own spiritual journey. These books were accepted as donations to New Zealand prisons, with over 4000 copies being gifted to prisoners. Ruth too has been involved in prison chaplaincy, where she says has been “an unexpected but most fulfilling experience”.

In 2010, Ruth created the initiative ‘Classy Crafts’, a craft-based market that many locals came to know and love. Classy Crafts gave local makers an opportunity to sell their creations including crochet, knitting, woodwork, metalwork, jewellery and other forms of craft.


Ruth Hammond
E: ruth_hammond@xtra.co.nz