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Mo Stewart has exhibited in galleries around Aotearoa, including Malcolm Smith. Mo’s drawings are process-based and explore drawing as an exploratory space within her practice.  She is interested in pushing the boundaries of materials and how they react to each other as well as the surface that she works on. The materials Mo uses and the technique when applying the gestural mark is suggestive of the unconscious approach to drawing, while the deliberate drawing highlights the convergence between these different techniques.

Working with different materials often sets a limit on the time in which the work is made, that space can often be almost unstable.  This permits little intervention but also allows for the materials to make their own mark/intervention.

Combined with the automatic drawing, Mo utilises different modes of making marks. This gives Mo an opportunity to make her “mark” along with the mark that made itself, operating within a space that is both unpredictable and calculated.

Joan Miro stated, “Rather than setting out to paint something I begin painting and as I paint the picture begins to assert itself, or suggest itself under my brush…The first stage is free, unconscious”, yet he continued, “The second stage is carefully calculated”.




Mo Stewart
E: mo@mostewart.co.nz
P: +64 27 330 7809