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Love Dance Troupe was set up in August 2017 with an aim to perform and develop dances of various Chinese main and minority ethnics. Zhang Wan, a young terpsichorean and experienced choreographer, our trainer. She produced dances of Inner Mongolian, Tibet, Sinkiang, and Han for us. Our productions are widely recognized in Chinese and other ethnic communities.

Our group consists of young working mothers. It was the love for dance as well as the love for traditional Chinese culture that brought us together in our spare time to produce beauty and charm. Our efforts result in great productions so that we are able to show amongst Kiwis and all ethnicities in New Zealand. You will surely find that the colourful beauty we bring along is enjoyable and exceptional.

Daisy Dai
E: daisydai28@hotmail.com
P: 021 2570618
WeChat: ZW-dancestudio

Every Tuesday 7:30pm

Unit 1A, 9 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki, Auckland