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Jules Turner

Jules Turner came to Aotearoa in 1991. She continued her Art education with a Diploma in Secondary Teaching. Jules has worked with young people ever since, particularly in East Auckland, inspiring and motivating them to become lifelong learners. A Masters with Honors from AUT University developed Jules’ art practice as she specialised in the Haptic (the sense of touch) for her Masters project using photography as a medium. In 2017 Jules completed a Teach NZ Sabbatical research project that involved creating a resource to share with students and teachers who are involved in Scholarship Visual Art.

Jules’ current project, I did it in my kitchen, is derived from the personal struggle between domestic and work responsibilities, maintaining physical well-being and continuing her art practice. The project intentionally oscillates between the playful and the absurd and attempts to question the role and expectations of older female bodies.



Jules Turner
E: Jules.turner.nz@gmail.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/Jules-Turner-Artist-190727944428199/