Arts Out East is supported by the Howick Local Board.


Arts Out East aims to nurture and share our cultural vibrancy by tapping into the talented community in East Auckland to support new creative events in new unexpected spaces.



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What we support

We want to tell local stories, involve new audiences and activate unusual places.

We want to know about your ideas that incorporate process, participation and creativity.  This could be an art installation, public event, performance or workshop co-creating with the community.


How it works 

The Arts Out East team will work with you to support you to bring your project to our community.

We will talk over your idea and see how we can help.

This support can range from advice and assistance with council processes and grant applications to funding for project presentation and marketing assistance. We can also help you meet other creative people and organisations in East Auckland.

If you have an idea for a project or collaboration get in touch below!